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MixTape 1# – The Debut Mixtape

Welcome to my first Photographised Mix-tape… basically just a list of cool songs that I’ve been listening to lately that hopefully you will want to listen to as well… i have a pretty broad musical taste so im pretty sure you wont like everything but go through enjoy and take what you want from it…

(look out for some better writing next time round too, i just wanted to get one of these out..)

Young The Giant – Garrands

Cool vocals and an uplifting tune that just makes you want to go explore something…

The Go! Team – Buy Nothing Day

I’m really loving Best Coast at the moment and so was drawn to this Go! Team track by the inclusion of the vocalist, really upbeat and Happy, reminds me of something you’d see in a “having fun” montage in a teen comedy….but better.

The Streets – Without Thinking

I can’t seem to find too many people who like the Streets, and so when i found out this was to be their last album i found myself whinging to myself… either way in terms of rap/hip hop/whatever it is, this is my kinda style… i guess i can relate more to Mike Skinner talking about how messed up he is than hearing most US rappers just talking about how much better they are than you… This track is catchy and seems to be the one i most repeat on the album (Computers and Blues)

Mogwai – Letters to the Metro

I tend to devide up my music into two groups, “Stuff i can listen to and Study” and “Stuff when i don’t want to concentrate at all”, this band fits into the former category, its chilled, layered and relaxing, great for focusing on intricate photo re-touches or when you need to write something long winded and don’t need song lyrics creeping in. If you like atmospheric artists like Sigur Ros’ or Seekae then this is the stuff for you.

The Decemberists – Rox in the Box

I am a massive folk addict as you will see in a lot of the songs later on in this list, the Decemberists to me are one of the  kings of this genre at the moment, they have all the right elements, and in this latest album (although not in this track) a whole lotta harmonica which is awesome to say the least. But this track seems to stick out more than most others on the album to me, it reminds me of ships and exploration and travel… oh travel….

Destroyer – Downtown

Destroyer is the work of Dan Bejar, a common collaborater with another of my favorite bands The New Pornographers however he seems to focus more of his efforts on Destroyer with some 9 albums. His sound is amazingly cool 80’s Depeche mode style like driving though a rough neighborhood wondering what life has in store for you…… ah who am i kidding, it has AMAZING SAX SOLO’s…. enough said.

Iron and Wine – Walking Far From Home

For a long time i only knew Iron and Wine through a collection of incredible covers i had stumbled upon, i don’t know why but it took me forever to realise that if the covers were so good maybe i should actually listen to their other stuff… i’m glad that cog finally turned. This song is my ultimate walking song… its not necessarily upbeat but it seems to make things more interesting when i listen to it, which helps when its the same walk I’ve done many times before.


Matt and Kim – AM/FM Sound

I recently saw these guys at the Big Day Out and they blew my mind, not because they had a massive light show or confetti canons, it was a small stage, maybe 20 or 30 people and them… less then a meter from me… going nuts! For just two people Matt on synths and Kim on drums they make some nicely crafted tunes and most of all they love doing it, and even though the sound system was horrible at the Big Day Out  they still  made me want to jump and shout and just have fun.


Stornoway – We are the Battery Human

If theres one instrument that can make me interested instantaneously it’s the banjo… i love it and nobody can come between us… This song is very banjo friendly and makes me want to road-trip…


Freelance Whales – Generator ^ First Floor

Once again i welcome the Banjo… but this song is so much more than that, its a lovelly build up beggining the album that i just can’t stop listening to at the moment, theres a nice richness to Freelance whale’s sound and i hightly reccomend these guys to well… anybody, if you can excuse the name.


Delorean – Real Love

Nice chilled out Dance act from France, don’t know what more to say about this track other than i like it…


Josh Ritter – Folk Bloodbath

I’ve basically saved what is in my opinion the best for last… i love music that tells a story and Josh Ritter in my opinion is a master at it, an incredible lyricist and a fine folk musician, i would defiantly recommend his album “so runs the world away” to anyone…. enjoy.

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