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MixTape2# – Guilt and Education

Welcome to Mix Tape no.2!
Music seems to go through fads for me, i’ll listen to a certain type or gentre of song and go on a download spree to find anything along the same lines. This time round it has been Indie artists performing Childrens songs… im not regretting this fad one bit and so i thought i’d share it with you all…
But first up heres a few other songs that have been stuck in my head this month…

The View – Grace
I’ve been a big fan of The View for some time, maybe it’s their awesome Scottish accents, or maybe its just that they produce cool catchy pop tunes with a nice not to old school rock and roll… either way i cant stop listening and this new track is no exception.

John Ondrasik – King of the Earth

This artist is a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine (part of the guilt section of the mixtape title), he is the lead singer of the somewhat one hit wonders that were Five for Fighting, i can understand that not many people would have much regard for this band or well anything associated with them, but im hooked. I like soft piano rock/pop/whatever and hey they deliver consistantly. This track is taken from the Movie August Rush and has a smooth feel to it and an emotion that seems to fit well in the soundtrack of my life at the moment, so think what you will of the artist but i love it.

Daryl Braithwaite – The Horses

Ok, guilty pleasure no. 2. A lot of people i know will hate that i have posted this, but too bad its my blog… and i know at least one friend who will LOVE that i have posted this! Daryl Braithwaite is amazing, he knows how to write catchy and uplifting pop songs and although i call this a guilty pleasure i’m not guilty. This song wont leave my head, it cured me of the horrible Rebecca Black syndrome i contracted and so i’m posting it here!

Aloe Blacc – Hey There Brother
This song reeks of cool… a friend put me onto this guy and i love it, very old school, very struttable and just cool… thats pretty much the sum of it…. brotha!

The Dodo’s – Companions
The Dodo’s are one of those bands that i will listen to, love but then forget about in a sea of other bands until they next surface again either by accident or new album…i’m not sure if this is a good thing because it means i never tire of them, or if its a bad thing and i should be more vigilant. They are have amazing arrangements and some cool guitar work.

Rumer – Aretha
This girl reminds me a lot of Carole King and Dusty Springfield, very smooth voice and some nice tunes that take you right back to the 60’s… or at least what i believe the 60’s were like. This girl is worth keeping an eye on.

And so now we come to the Time for Education…. thats right, sit back, take out some pen and paper and learn…

They Might be Giants – Science is Real

TMBG is one cool bunch of nerds, they have been pretty much under the radar most of their careers only surfacing briefly to create a TV show theme before disappearing again into obscurity.. (OK ill give them “Dr. Worm” too…) but while they sat hidden away with only loyal fans by their sides they created some of the coolest children’s albums, one on science, one on the ABC’s and one on the 123’s… and another one which is all over the place but nonetheless cool. This is the opening track from “Here comes Science” Their children’s music Opus if you ask me and while i’m at it, my favorite song from the album all about Paleontology….

Sarah McLachlan – Rainbow Connection
Rainbow connection was my favourite muppets song, that and “Feels like christmas”… and i am also a fan of Sarah McLachlan… so put the two together and how can you lose… well how can I lose? Very soft and slow cover and very sweet.

Lou Rawls – Pure Imaginations
This ones being played to my kids when i have kids… im sorry Mr Wilder… Lou’s just kicked this song up a notch.
This was one of my favorite songs as a kid, it pretty much summed up Willy Wonka and was just so damn catchy!

Barenaked Ladies -789 and Rasins
Im gonna let this one speak for itself…

Ok Class Dissmissed…. No running…

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