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DIY Photo Effects with my Penguin

So i’ve been looking at ways to get effects cheaply (struggling student-ness makes the idea of getting new equiptment void.) and so i thought i’d just play around with some ideas. These pictures are somewhat crude and well kinda boring… but they do show how you can get some good effects work with no money.

What i used:
2 Desk Lamps – These had the ability to swivel and bend etc which allowed me to play with direction.But otherwise were your average cheap office supply store lamps.

Beer Bottle – Brown coloured glass, just shone the light through the glass and it gave a nice colour.

Food Colouring – Gel food colouring added to water to achieve pretty much the same effect.

Stubby Holder – Not sure what they are called in the states or anywhere else for that matter but just your typical tube like thing that you put your drink in to keep it cool. I had a whole bunch of promotional ones so i sacrificed it and cut a small hole in the bottom, taped it to the light and hey presto it created a spotlight.

Foil – Aluminium foil used just liek a reflector, worked pretty well even though it was fairly crinked but that in itself can give a nice effect.

Now i should mention that i did this pretty unplanned and didn’t put much time into it, i just wanted to play around a bit with it. Also this was done to small scale, although i fail to see how some of these cant be utilised to bigger scale effect.

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