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My Take on the 30 Day Song Challenge Part 2

OK… back again for another look into my musical soul, some of these are becoming way too complicated and making me over think things… i don’t like to over think…

11. A Song from your Favorite Band:
Its Hard to pick a Favorite band because to me music has different times and places for me and no one artist or band can cover all that. So this would have to be my Favorite band at the moment, right now. Mostly because i am loving their new album with its awesome pop tunes, heres the single from it that kinda reminds me of “Lola”…

L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N – Noah and the Whale

12. A Song from a Band you Hate:
I really cant stand the Black Eye’d Peas… i didn’t mind that “Where is the Love” track and even “I got a feeling” if i’m drunk enough to care… but other than that it has been in my opinion a massive trail of shite from these so called “Artists”… i think its just that i can’t stand their lyrics… ranging from “My Humps My Humps My lovely lady lumps, Check em out” to “Your so two thousand and eight im so two thousand and late”…. its utter garbage, its a representation of what people are becoming (i also blame ke$ha) and its not music… and i loathe it! So heres a song from these horrible horrible scabs on the ass of society… phew… love a good rant.

Boom Boom Pow – Black Eyed Peas

13. A Song that is a Guilty Pleasure:
I have to admit, i’m a fan of Broadway Musicals… possibly one of the very few straight men out there who are. I just like how epic they are, amazing voices over massive orchestral backing, emotions running at Full blast. The Biggest of these guilty pleasures for me has been the soundtrack to “Wicked”, it is currently sitting at most played on my iTunes playlist and although at first i felt bad at myself for it i’m now happy to accept it… enjoy.

Idina Menzel – Defying Gravity (Wicked)

14. A Song that no-one would expect you to love
I dont think im going to try and justify too much about why this made the list… i like the fact that its remarkably wholesome compared to a lot of stuff out there (the music video doesn’t really help my case on this one though… haha ), i just like that this song is about sex but not about just meaningless sex… its about loving someone then going for the funtimes…. i guess i’m just a wholesome guy like that…. also this song is catchy and Katy is Hot!!

Katy Perry – Teenage Dream

15. A Song that Describes You
Not much explaining to do the song speaks for itself…

Green Day – Nice Guys Finish Last

16. A Song you Used to Love but now Hate
Hate is such a strong word, i think this is more a Song that i used to like and now wonder why… also the lyrics are very suss… (see here for more of an explanation on that)

Sugar Ray – Every Morning

17. A Song You Hear Often on the Radio:
I was really shocked to hear this song on Nova 969 the other day on their top 500 songs on iTunes countdown…. i LOVE this song, but i wouldn’t have picked it to be an iTunes favorite too, OK i don’t hear this song OFTEN on the Radio… but i was surprised to hear it once… feel free to sing along!

Daryl Braithwaite – Horses

18. A Song You Wish You Heard on the Radio
This Song was close to getting into my “Song you can Dance to” choice, but it also fits in here too… i saw these guys when they first came out to Aus and they got me dancing in the Mosh, such amazing energy and something i wish i heard more on the airwaves…

The Matches – If I Were You
I Couldnt find a video for this one, but if you want to download it here it is…

19. A Song From Your Favorite Album:
Ok so instead of giving you another song from Noah and the Whale i’m gonna give you something from another Album i love which is Washington’s “I believe you Liar”, this girl cannot do wrong by me at the moment and her music videos just add icing to the cake.

Washington – Sunday Best

20. A Song that you Listen to When you’re Angry
This was too easy as i have my anger music well set and it seems to always come from RATM… This music is Angry without being unbearable to listen to, its not just screaming, its layer and beats and riffs and works better than any stress ball for me. If you see me listening to Rage it’s usually best to stay away…

Rage Against the Machine – Bombtrack

So thats Part 2, hope you’re enjoying my personal mix tape of life, thanks to all making comments, keep them coming, i cant wait to hear what your lists would be… Stay Tuned for part three… coming soon.

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  1. #14 nice choice. Zomg @ 1.04 it’s Kim’s birthday party on wheels! Pretty sure that’s me in the front passenger seat.

    P.S. You hate the Black Eyed Peas pfffsh, you’re so two thousand and late.


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