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My Take on the 30 Day Song Challenge Part 3

OK… final chapter into this musical journey into my lifetimes…

21. A Song that You Listen to When You’re Happy:
This song is great. This is the song i’d sing to my girlfriend… whoever she may be….

iFly – Ball Park Music

22. A Song that you Listen to When you’re Sad:
This is a reallyy cool cover of a New Order Song that for a long time was my go to song when feeling down (And i didn’t have Damien Rice on Hand). Its about a soldier coming home from war to find his wife crying and reading a note telling her that he is dead… or is he??? Very nicely done in Iron and Wine Style…

Love Vigilantes – Iron and Wine

23. A Song that You want to Play at Your Wedding:
This was a hard one as i really havn’t thought too much about my wedding so i had to do a bit of a search through my itunes list and i came across this song, which pretty much sums up marriage for me… but because im not feeling wordy ill just quote someone who wrote about it on…
Eternal devotion is the heart of this song. Devotion in terms of the achievement of domestic bliss. Devotion to a family home built together. Devotion to a neighborhood that one could not bear to leave even in death. Devotion is objectified by the growth brought by early summer, and personified in the place of Springville Hill.

or something like that….
June Hymn – The Decemberists

24. A Song You’d Want Played at Your Funeral
I think this song would fit well at my funeral, id be hoping that by the time i was to pass that i would have someone who would fit the lyrics but either way its a nice song that says that everything is ok and that wherever i may be i’ll be fine, and thats the kinda way id want people to feel at my funeral.

A Minor Incident – Badly Drawn Boy

25. A Song that Makes you Laugh:
I have to say im not big on comedy albums and so my range of laughable songs isn’t large… but there is one comedy band i follow closely, and thats Flight of the Conchords. These guys know how to make music that although stupid is still somewhat catchy and overall not stupid at all… if that makes any sense?? just listen to the song…

Think About It – Flight of the Conchord

26. A Song That you Can Play on an Instrument:
I recently took up playing the Ukulele, its portable, cool obscurity value and well… hilarious in scale to me, the chords are also a little easier than guitar and it makes quite a nice sound… either way one of the first songs i really learnt to play on it was this song, which although not originally on ukulele translated quite nicely….

Chicago – Sufjan Stevens

And just for the sake of it, heres a ukulele cover i found of it….

27. A Song you Wish You Could Play:
I wish i could be anywhere near as talented as Chris Cheney, his style or his all round coolness.. thats all i need to say on that.

E- Boogie – The Living End

At this point the next question was “Which song makes you feel guilty” and to tell you the truth i can’t say a song has EVER made me feel guilt at all… i don’t think music has that effect on me… so i replaced this question with….

28. A Music Video that You love:
Zooey Deschanel… 50’s feel… guitar solo… dancing zooey deschanel…. any type of zooey deschanel… ahem…. enjoy.

In the Sun – She and Him

29. A Song from Your Childhood
As a kid i only remember two albums, Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells and The Beatles White Album, im not sure if this is because these two albums stood out more than the rest or because really thats the only two CD’s my parents owned. Either way i’m glad i grew up with those two artists, at least it wasn’t something horrible like Songs for children volume 5 etc..

Dear Prudence – The Beatles

30. Your Favorite Song from this Time Last Year:
According to my itunes library there were really two albums i was listening to heavily around this time last year, The Wicked Soundtrack as i revved myself up to see it live and Resovior a new album i had found by a new favorite band called Fanfarlo, these guys soon enough came and toured with Mumford and Son, and they were Amazing!

Comets – Fanfarlo

So thats the end of my list… i hope you have enjoyed it, i just have one more extra song for you… something that surprised me a lot in my musical existance…

31. Best Live performance:
I have always liked Green Day, especially in their early days, but i never expected what i would see when i saw these guys play live in 2009… they blew my mind. The Sets, the Way they worked the Crowd and just the energy they produced, mock the band all you want but if theres one thing i found its that they Know how to put on a live show.

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