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Doing the Time Warp….again…

Seems like i have been stuck in the past this week, and loving it.

Earlier in the year i went to an event at the Australian Museum called the “Jurassic Lounge” This is where the museum opens its doors to the nightlifers, the event was so popular that not even 6 months later, it re-opened!
With drinks, shows, exhibits, silent discos, bands and show and tell (i got to hold some awesome stick insects, see Ing’s blog for pics.)

It was an amazing night of disguised educational frivolity and I recommend all you Sydneysiders grab this chance to experience something amazing and go visit.

I also took a Trip to my good Friend Sarah’s House with Ing to do a bit of Model Photography. All Vintaged up in 60’s Mod/Schoolgirl/Madeline attire Sarah made for a perfect model and if it weren’t for the fact that i didn’t really want to make this blog Sarahladen i would have posted much more. However expect more shots shoots with her soon and i’ll also add some more pics to my Facebook account in a day or so.

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  1. Nice pics will 🙂
    That shot looking down at Sarah from the tree is the best!

  2. Nope! Definitely the Raptors.

    Reuben 🙂


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