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Once Around the Block.

Well it’s cold, wet and windy… a Friday night and i’m broke and bored. Time for a Blog post i reckon.

A While back i decided to take my camera for a bit of a walk around the neighborhood, it was a nice day and i find its always good to have an explore of where you live. There’s heaps of things to inspire you and you barely have to travel a minute from the comfort of home.
I live in the Leafy rich person town of Wahroonga, filled with the scent of cafe latte and the rumble of unnecessarily big Four Wheel drives carrying wealthy mums and their wealthy families. Although not the most openly friendly spot in terms of “getting to know your neighbors” it is a really scenic place with lots of trees and flowers. And a Freeway nearby.
Also thown into this mix are some shots i took of a friend for his new business… you can check it out here.

ALSO Photographised now has a Facebook Page where i’ll be uploading extra photos and whatever else i feel like posting up, so go to the thingy on the right hand side of this page and “like” it… how can it hurt…really?

Well i hope you enjoy, now i need a hot tea and a good book, i’ll leave you with this cool music video for Bon Iver that makes me want to get even colder and check out Iceland.

BON IVER “Holocene” from nabil elderkin on Vimeo.

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  1. I love those photos. I’ve missed your blog for a while, and ingimages, the internet where I am is quite slow… Looks like you’re doing well, aside from being broke but that’s not the most important thing in the world. Bon Iver has kept me happy these last few weeks, what a genius!
    Reuben 😀

  2. Hey Reuben, thanks! Your blog is also most excellent, that’s a cute rabbit you got there!


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