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Just a Short one for now…

Haven’t been doing much photo stuffs of late as I’ve been busy with assignments and whatnot. However a while back i did another photo shoot with my pal Sarah and so here’s some of the shots we got.
Time to get this workload off my back and pull out the camera again.

But i can’t just leave you guys with only a few piccies to look at, so how bout some music?

First up a new one from Laura Marling, Loving this track with an awesome twist in style at the end which just works so perfectly.

Also a new one from Florence and the Machine, this song has taken me a few listens to fully get into it, but its good and its Florence so that’s enough for me.

and finally an awesome cover of the Muppets theme with OK Go, this is off a new cover album of artists doing songs from the Muppets, love the video for this more than the cover itself, but still its amazing and having listened to the whole album fully recommend it!

Well that’s all from me for now, back to Designing things and whatnot…

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  1. Love these photos, they compliment ‘Sofia’ really well.. Nothing better than a successful union of image and music!


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