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Mixtape 3# – Stuck in my Head

Hey All, sorry it’s been a while since my last post, i’ve taken a whole bunch of photos that i want to show you but alas Photoshop has gone and died on me so i have no way of making them look to the standard i want them to be… time for a bit of a format soon.
Either way i thought if i cant show you guys some photos i should play you some tunes instead!

I’m reading this book at the moment on how the Brain works with music, how we develop tastes and why we like music to begin with and one section of the book talked about getting songs stuck in our head, turns out that more musically inclined people have this happen more often which i’m happy about because i get songs stuck in there all the time, so yay for musical me!

Lately I’ve been doing quite a bit of new music exploration and so i’ve been a regular jukebox up top, *so get your Fonzie Jacket on and bash me over the forehead cos here’s my third mix-tape!

*maybe don’t bash me over the head….might ruin my musical ability.

Plan B – Stay Too Long

I’ve really gotten into this guy lately, well only his second album “The Defamation of Strickland Banks”. He has a cool Soul sound to his tunes and it works well with the rap. I am not usually a fan of rap or hip hop but in this context it works well (i seem to also have a fondness for UK hip hop like the streets and Aussie hip hop like Hilltop Hoods) The music video is also cool, he’s done his whole album as a small film that i recommend going back to the beginning and watching through.

Jon Cleary – When you get back

I recently saw this guy play the Opera House with several other awesome musicians at a “Legends of New Orleans” concert. This guy knows how to tinkle the ivories and just totally stole the show in my opinion, and he was up against a Brass Ensemble!

I’ll also give you a taste of another of the artists of the night, he’s known as the king of New Orleans or something like that, either way…incredible

The Real Tuesday Weld – The Last Word

I watched “Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist” the other day for about the 50th time, i really love the soundtrack to the film, and this track seems to stand out for me, so i did some research into the band and found out that this song seems to be miles away from the rest of their stuff, i’m not so much annoyed by this as i actually really like their other stuff, but i am slightly disappointed as i really liked this song… ah well what can you do.
The band is actually really cool, they do 20’s style cabaret style music with some electronic elements added, if you wanna hear some of it here’s a cool track

Wilco – Born Alone

Not much to say on this one, i’m loving Wilco’s new album and with summer on its way this song seemed to latch on pretty quickly, it has an awesome cruising down a highway to the coast vibe!

Kimbra – Two Way Street

I am totally crushing on Kimbra at the moment, she is one hot kiwi with amazing vocal chords! I was in the crowd for her latest Sydney show and i was blown away, her dance moves were crazy-good, she had a costume change mid show which me and my concert going friends agreed looked like she needed to go to the bathroom and she sung this song which i hadn’t paid much attention to before the show suddenly couldn’t get it out of my head. This is one artist definitely worth keeping an eye on.

Bibio – Lovers Carvings

My Brother put me onto this guy, and although i didn’t really take to the album itself this track really got me, i love the lead up into something soon chilled and upbeat that will definitely sit on all my summer mixes.

Grouplove – Naked Kids

I love the beach boys feel to this song, this has summer written all over it and is filled with catchyness and just feel-goodery. That’s all i can really say… enjoy.

Finally a bonus Track for you, i’ve been going through the last two seasons of Community while i start to watch the third, so here’s some awesome musical community song stuffs to cap off this tape. enjoy.

Anyways i need to kill my computer, then rebuild it better, faster and photoshopped, till then. Adios!

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  1. I reallly really need to see Nick and Nora’s infinite playlist! This confirms it!


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