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Park Shoot with Emma D

So i know its been a while since i posted up some photos, i finally fixed my Photoshop and have been spending most of my time helping look after Superbia (see last post). The Exhibition was a massive success and its somewhat depressing that its over. For those who didn’t get to make it or live overseas or whatnot we set up a website for you to check out all the artwork. You can find it here.

A While back i was asked by a Friend of mine Emma to take some shots of her in the park near my place, the day was lovely after what was really crappy weather in the lead up and the shots turned out really nice, Emma was a great model and it was a great experience to continue trying to get model photography right. I don’t think im quite there yet but i think im getting there. Enjoy.

I’ll also leave you with this awesome new clip from Mayer Hawthorne. Gotta love the Mr and Mrs Smith Formula.

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  1. Hi, Will!
    I read your About page and it’s said there you like feedbacks so here it is.

    It’s always been hard to take photos of models in bright sunlight. The best weather is when it’s cloudy but not too dark. There are more chances to get the skin color right and not so many risks of harsh shadows.
    Although, when there are shadows they can also be used to create an interesting shot. Thus my favorite ones here are 4th, 5th and 6th. There’s lots of dynamic and depth in those pictures.
    My favourite composition here is the last one. It’s classic – a long hand which leads to the face of the model.

    • Hey Alexandra,

      Thanks for the feedback!
      The time of day was a bad choice for the shoot which didn’t really come to mind till i actually started shooting. Lucky for that garden feature thing.


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