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Mix Tape 4# and Hornsby Industrial Adventure!

So i have a bit of a mixed bag for you this round, i recently took a trip to the Industrial area of Hornsby, Sydney, my hood…. kinda. This place is great, where else can you go to get berries in bulk and then magically find a place that sells chocolate….in Bulk!

Anyways i took a few snaps of the local flora fauna and…rocks… but i don’t really feel they make up a solid post. So i’ve also given you a mix tape to go with. This one has no real theme, its just…songs i like at the moment. Enjoy.

Philadelphia – Peter Gabriel (Neil Young Cover)

I’m really listening to a lot more Peter Gabriel lately, there was a long period where he did not really have much of a presence in my Itunes but then i stumbled upon a recorded concert with strings he did on the letterman set (if you have time watch it here) and i knew i needed to listen again. This man knows how to do a cover, from possibly one of my favorite covers of “Book of Love” (Magnetic Fields) to this one, a cover of Philadelphia… a beautiful song in its own right made even more so.

Winter – 41 Strings

I recently found out about this through the upcoming Sydney Festival. Nick Zinner the guitarist for the yeah yeah yeah’s created a concerto loosely based around Vivaldi’s “The Four Seasons” for Earth day. I really like the sound he produced, sweeping strings and solid guitar riffs creating a nice range of emotion and story. I cant wait to see this performed live, it will be spectacular!

Plastic Bag – Washington

From her latest release “insomnia” which is described on her website as “Insomnia is not a new Washington studio album. Variously described as a ‘magpie’s nest’ and ‘an eight-legged spider’ the project is an extension of the themes explored through the closing title track on her debut album. All of the material from Insomnia was written in the 12 manic months following the release of I Believe You Liar in Australia”
This peice features a very similar tune to Laura Marlings “Rambling man”. Nonetheless, it is a great song and well if you’re going to take someone else’s tune you may as well steal from some of the best.
This is another artist to see at Syd Festival, if there are any tickets left.

Beth/Rest – Bon Iver

Its assignment time for me, time to get everything done before holidays start and so i’ve been in need of some music to get me in the designing mood. Luckily i found that in Bon Iver’s new album of the same name, this is some pure atmospherically awesome music and it perfect for study, work, walking, sleeping, eating… well anything. His album has probably got to be the most played on my tunes at the moment, and i don’t think it will be shifting anytime soon.

Been So Long – Zooey Deschanel

I recently got to watch the new “Winnie the Pooh” film and loved it, i am a sucker for hand drawn animations and Disney have excelled with this one. The story is adorable and hilarious and to top it off they got Zooey Deschanel to write a song for the soundtrack. If that’s not a cherry on top of the awesome cake i don’t know what is.

Mallory – The History of Apple Pie

Don’t really have much to say on this one, im kinda into this track and the video is really kinda cool.Plus im kinda digging the bass player chick.

Anyway – Cee Lo Green

I was kinda iffy to post this track as at the moment it hasn’t really hit me as being an especially good song…. it has some cool collaboration going with Rivers Cuomo of Weezer but i don’t like the dancey and somewhat generic beat. Either way i feel its a song that will need to grow on me… hopefully you guys find it cool.

Hopefully ill be blogging again soon, just need to finish my other projects. Till Then… Adieu!

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