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Mixtape 5# Songs for a Rainy Couple of Days

So i haven’t posted here in way too long. I guess its been a mix of finishing study, planning a trip and the crappy weather but I just haven’t been able to bring myself to taking photos. Nonetheless i did not forget you all as i know you sat there edge of your seat waiting for another post from yours truly.

With the Weather being Damp as it has (well in Sydney at least)  it has given me a lot of time to just stay at home listening to music and Designing. So this post is a bit of a Mix CD to soundtrack these wet weather days. Songs that have been keeping me going stuck indoors and some new stuff i have found along the way.

1. Let her Go – Passenger

Passenger’s All the Little Lights has probably been my number one album to listen to over the last few weeks, and seeing him live recently at 2SER’s Live at the loft really added to my love of his soft acoustic ballads. It’s kinda strange, his vocals are very similar to that of Xavier Rudds, but unlike with Xavier it does not seem to bug me. Anyway,  I’ll give you a double taste of this one. Also who wouldn’t love that ending!

2. Gonna Get Over You – Sara Bareilles
This is a pretty cool song, Upbeat, Boppy but most of all one hell of a cool music video. Directed by Jonah Hill and looking like a massive Tribute to grease this song has been the pick me up on the more depressing of days.

3. Midnight City – M83
In the more electronic side of things this track has been in the back of my mind for some time. It wasn’t until recently where i heard a strange acoustic cover from Lisa Mitchell that i finally added it to my music collection and its been on some for of repeat since. Theres something about the atmosphere this song creates that really grabs me, that background loop… love it.

4. Damn These Vampires – Mountain Goats
I seem to always add songs in these mix tapes of bands i am about to see live or will see live soon, i don’t know if that’s because i am super excited or that i just want to brag. So here’s one of those and it will be the only one. On Another note this is great to listen to with the sound of rain in the background. Just Saying.

5. Out of the Game – Rufus Wainwright
This song has a cool vibe to it, it kind of sounds like a song from a 70’s musical like Godspell. A sort of sit back and sway with long haired women while some groovy hepcat plays guitar and ponders things. Also the video has Helena Bonham Carter so thats awesome. Peace Out.

6. My Valentine – Paul McCartney
And after seeing Ms Bonham Carter do her thing it would be totally un-burton-esque of me not to inclue Johnny Depp in the Mix. Lucky Sir Paul has made that possible! This is a pretty cool track and the music video is kinda interesting. Especially if you were Deaf. I Imagine this song being the soundtrack to a man contemplating love as he strolls through the rain.


7. All the Rowboats – Regina Spektor
A new song by Regina Spektor. Like Christmas 10 times over for me. Rain? What Rain…

8. Glorious – The Hoosiers
I recently looked at my LastFM, it had been a good 6 months since i had last looked and a further 2 yrs since i gave it any proper attention. I noticed in my messages a friend telling me of a new Hoosiers album, new being 2010. I Downloaded it and fell in love. This reminds me of Queen so very much, epic vocals with an 80’s vibe.

9. Tell Me a Tale – Michael Kiwanuka
Very Cool vintage sounds, like a late night jazz club with whiskey and tobacco pipes. Or Stuck at home on a rainy day Drinking coke in a mug.

10. I Believe – Book of Mormon Cast
I’m about to head to the States in a few months and of course that trip must include a visit to Broadway or seven. So i began a little research into which production i wanted to see. It didn’t take me long to decide on this one. Written by Trey Parker and Matt Stone Aka. the guys who brought us south park. This looks like one awesomely funny bit of theatre and the songs are really damn Catchy.

11. No Way Down – Shins
I’m loving the shins new album, it has such a cool vibe to it and has brought about many plays. This song is a dream of dryer sunnier times. A hope that tomorrow wont be as wet.

Finally i will leave you with this for no other reason than its about rain and i love it!

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