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USA Trip Pt 3 – San Fran

So its been a while since i have had proper internets on this laptop so there will be some new blogs coming soon to catch up… at the moment i am in Vancouver after spending some amazing times in Portland and a killer 4th of July in Seattle but thats still to come.

So San Francisco… well after an 11 hr drive from Vegas through the Yosemite national forest we finally arrived, after a hard learning experience on how the roads in San Fran work, Lawrence going quiet and determined as we navigated through a complicated maze of one way streets we made it to the hostel, which in comparison to the luxury that was the hard rock left much to the imagination.
We needed food, so we took a walk outside only to be confronted with the homeless population of San Fran, keen to ask for dollars in return for obscure WW2 factoids. This was a little too overwhelming for us so we took refuge in the nearest Thai restaurant.

This was not a great first impression, we seemed to be in the dodgy end of San Fran, we fell asleep to the sound of homeless folk talking about how they wanted to kill damn white tourists.

Now at this point you probably feel like i am not a fan of San Francisco… this is where you would be wrong. For on day two, the town lit up with summer sunshine and showed itself to be the amazing place it is.

We took a trip to Alcatraz where i filled up on Rock references and actually learnt quite a bit about how horrible it would have been to occupy one of those cells, from there we had some lunch with some fellow road-trippers who loved our accents (apparently i sound like bruce the shark from Finding Nemo….?)
We then joined them later on for Karaoke, i Didnt sing but Lawrence belted out two tunes, including a Gotye number, i have videos but have been banned from releasing them to the public.

On the Third day we took a walk around China town and little Italy. This was really nice, there were some cool little alleyways, a shop where they made fortune cookies by hand and a whole crowd of screaming italian soccer fans. From there we decided to do the inevitable and tackle the hills of San Fran…

Now i am not a fit person and so this city wasnt built for me, but making my way up Coit tower and Lombard street was rewarding, and i guess so was the cycle ride across the golden gate bridge afterwards although i wish i hadn’t had those beers beforehand.

The day ended with a trip to this really amazing vintage arcade on Fishermans wharf where games dating back to the early 1900’s were restored and still able to be played

All in all San Fran is a really beautiful place, there are some sketchy areas but really not many cities can avoid that. I’d happily visit again.

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