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USA Trip Pt 2 – Vegas Baby!

So right now i am sitting in a very old room in a very old hostel in a rather scary area of San Francisco… I’m sure it is fine during the day but the late night walk to the local Thai place had us fighting off the homeless population in hoards, and these guys were determined.

Anyways this is not about that, i wont make any judgement calls on San Fran until i at least have scoped it out in the daylight hours. This is about Vegas…

So First up, the hard rock hotel…well.. Rocked! The room looked like something out of the hangover which was funnily enough the main reason we had the room, for recovery and whatnot. I cant really say that Vegas is my scene, its very much aimed at douche bags from jersey shore.
The clubs play horrible tunes, you are constantly told to go to strip clubs and really unless you look like a model you are really no use to anyone. However, this being said, if you have the right people with you it can be a really cool place.

The first night we got there we left our room and went for a walk round the strip,we were very much unimpressed with the tackyness and overall wankery that it had to offer and so we went back to the hotel bar, there was a 2 for one drink special and so the drinking commenced. It wasn’t long till the group of people beside us decided to come over, buy us another round and just chat. these were some cool guys and one even has a radio show in nyc and ill try to catch up with him when i get there. Suddenly we noticed something, sitting not 2 meters away from us was Dave Chappelle! From what seemed like a crap night turned good!

The second morning we woke up late, we didn’t get to bed till 4 or so and so were trashed. Either way not much happens during the daylight hours in vegas and so we watched a film and then sat by the pool. Lawrence had some friends in the area so we went to dinner at the bellagio for buffet and then met them after to wander round, first checking out the bellagio fountain show… incredible.
From there we found a nightclub based around rock of ages where a hairmetallicly dressed man told us to get our drink on and we danced to hammer, we then found a party at the monte carlo and carried on till late.

I guess vegas works when you have a crowd. Especially some fine womentypes.

Ok im buggered, just did an 11 drive. Will out!

US Trip Part 1 – Los Angeles

Hey, sol for those of you who dont know, im overseas in the land of large portion sizes America!


Our trip over was to say the least, painful… there was no leg room, they didn’t bring enough headphones and the flight crew wasn’t very fun. I guess this is what you get when you book cheap flights. After that we stood in line for an hour and a half in immigration with the eventual shouts of “Can we get all the Australians over here” when they realised that out luggage was clogging up the baggage carousels.

But after that things began to look up! We immediately made our way over to the car rental place and got our new freind, sleek white and eco freindly! From there we needed to find a GPS… the directions to target  we got were cryptic and so with only one almost head on collision we found ourselves a Best Buy and bought our new Navigator, We named her Marissa and she sounds just as hot as mischa barton… if Mischa was a robot.

So our first stop… LA. I was really surprised by LA, after having been told it was tacky and heartless i didn’t find that at all, from a quick rush straight from the airport to be in the audience for Craig Ferguson which was hilarious, to a late night walk along the walk of fame to end up at a 50’s diner having way too potent long island ice teas we stumbled home to our historical hostel where apparently stars like Marilyn Monroe have spent time in. And that was only the first day.

On our second day we took a trip to Universal Studios to try out the new transformers ride, wow… i think this may have to be the only use of 3D that hasn’t disappointed me. The Jurrassic park ride got me soaked but was nonetheless amazing and the tour was kinda cool in itself especially the 360 degree king kong ride. That night we decided to go out for a drink or two, while at a local bar named “The woods” and looking like a hunting lodge we were suddenly introduced to a new friend, she invited us back to her friends place where we drank and ate pizza, we got home at 4am and then had to wake up 4 hrs later to go to gospel brunch and check out… so much for a small night out.

I had to say i felt a little religious for that moment, gospel music does that to me… as well as southern style comfort food buffet for breakfast… but now that its over god is put aside yet again. 
We have now driven our way to Vegas where we are staying in a room at the Hard Rock Hotel with strip views… so swish. I’m sorry this blog isnt well written or edited but i am rushing through it to go out and party… so i will leave you now and blog again when i reach San Fran.


oh and one more thing… first two songs heard on the radio… Savage Garden and gotye… Aussie Pride!!

Top 11’s of 2011

Top 11’s of 2011

So The year is almost over and like most things in retrospect it has gone by way too quickly, but i guess that’s how it goes most years. This was a year of pushing myself, i started this blog, started taking photos more seriously, i even exhibited for the first time. Hopefully 2012 takes on the same pathways. 2011 has been a good year and so i best sum it up with my Top 11’s of 2011. None of these are in order and all of them are done on a judgement that is purely personal.

Top Albums:

Lonely Avenue – Ben Folds and Nick Hornby
Possibly one of the best collaboration albums i have ever heard, great stories turned into strong melodic pieces of genius. If these two don’t do another of these it will be very sad.

Last Night on Earth – Noah and the Whale
The thing i love about NATW’s albums is that they follow very closely to the Life of Charlie Fink, the lead singer. When he was dating and happy with Laura Marling he released Peaceful the world lay me down an upbeat poppy indie joy. Then when they split came First days of Spring a melancholy beautifully sad album filled with pain but hope. Now in 2011 Charlie seems to have moved on, Last night on earth is Stories of the downtrodden rising up, overcoming the worlds woes. It’s Charlie getting all better.

The Kooks – Junk of the Heart

This album is far from a music masterpiece for me, it doesn’t blow my mind. But that not always what music is about. This is a happy album, it makes me feel good and makes me wanna jump and yell and just put all the shit behind me. This is my feel good album.

Bon Iver – Bon Iver
On the other end of the spectrum, Bon Iver has been my Album of choice for when i’m down, sweet melodies, amazing voice and some incredibly intricate layers of instrumentals makes this possibly the most beautiful album of the year for me.

Mylo Xyloto – Coldplay
The first think i think of when i think of Coldplay’s last two albums have been Production Values. Coldplay do some interesting things and some epic ones and this latest album has been Both. They have managed to take massive popularity and still keep up trying new things and pushing themselves and that’s a great achievement in itself.

The Help OST – Thomas Newman
This easily has to be my favorite soundtrack of the year, i can’t really explain why but i just can’t stop turning to it.

Vows – Kimbra
If you haven’t already listened to Kimbra you are missing out and need to start immediately. If you only know her through her song with Gotye then you need to investigate further. This girl has an amazing voice, so much range and so much character it becomes an instrument like no other. Her songs are catchy and make you wanna dance. Very worth listening to this Kiwi gem.

A Creature i Don’t Know – Laura Marling
There is something about Laura Marling that i can’t put my finger on, something that separates her from the rest. Her Lyrics are amazing, her voice is nothing short of Beautiful… but there is something on top of that, something that i can’t describe and that can only really be felt by listening to her. This is probably my favorite of her albums so far and it will be getting plenty of listens through the next year and more.

The King is Dead – The Decemberists
Pushing onto the border of country this album brings about a wave of harmonica and Rythym. Folksy and grammatically complex lyrics with stories of folklore. This is the Decemberists… its always good.

Ceremonials – Florence and the Machine
For me Florence and the Machine kinda faded out after their first album, i stopped listening and pretty much forgot about them altogether, then suddenly they came back and im back on the bandwagon! Florence Welch is a voice of our generation, when we look back in 20 yrs time we’ll be thinking of florence and playing her to our children. Well at least that what i hope will happen.

Top Movies:

The Help – Very moving, Emma Watson Cleans up!
Winnie the Pooh – Stunning Animation, Zooey singing, who need to be a kid to enjoy this really?
Rise of the Planet of the Apes – Malfoy gets messed up by an Ape.
Bridesmaids – Not like the Hangover, was actually funny.
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt 2 – Epic and sad to see it go…
Xmen First Class – Possibly my Favorite in the Series.
Tangled – Pure Disney so Pure Awesome.
Super 8 – Really Classic storytelling, really well done.
The Trip – Hilarious
Green Hornet – i liked it even though many didnt, loved the way it was written.
Never Let me Go – Beautiful storytelling.

Top TV:

Community – As Always
Sing Off – I have a soft spot for Acapella and Ben Folds.
2 Broke girls – Very sitcom-y but still enjoyable. Must like a certain type of humor though.
QI – I wish i had a voice like Stephen Fry, things would get done!
Misfits – I thought i would hate this show but it’s really grown on me, kinda like Skins meets Heroes.
New girl – This show is really funny, Zooey Deschanel is hot as usual and fits in perfectly into her role.
Friday Dinner – Only just starting to watch this show, looks kinda cool…but undecided yet.
Parks and Rec – Great Season, although possibly starting to plateau….
How i met your mother – Just started watching, well behind. But still, loving it!
Big Bang theory – Great Cast although really playing hard of stereotypes.
Idiot Abroad 2 – Karl Pilkington is God.

So This finally Brings me to My top Photos of 2011, These are probably not my best photos, but they are the ones that i love best throughout the year, either because they link to something i hold close or any other sappy reasons i bring sentimentality to them…
Thanks to all who have kept up with this Collection of mine, sat through the songs i have forced upon your ears and the small ramblings i have made. Next year will bring bigger and better things for this blog so keep an eye out.

Happy New Year!!