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US Trip Part 1 – Los Angeles

Hey, sol for those of you who dont know, im overseas in the land of large portion sizes America!


Our trip over was to say the least, painful… there was no leg room, they didn’t bring enough headphones and the flight crew wasn’t very fun. I guess this is what you get when you book cheap flights. After that we stood in line for an hour and a half in immigration with the eventual shouts of “Can we get all the Australians over here” when they realised that out luggage was clogging up the baggage carousels.

But after that things began to look up! We immediately made our way over to the car rental place and got our new freind, sleek white and eco freindly! From there we needed to find a GPS… the directions to target  we got were cryptic and so with only one almost head on collision we found ourselves a Best Buy and bought our new Navigator, We named her Marissa and she sounds just as hot as mischa barton… if Mischa was a robot.

So our first stop… LA. I was really surprised by LA, after having been told it was tacky and heartless i didn’t find that at all, from a quick rush straight from the airport to be in the audience for Craig Ferguson which was hilarious, to a late night walk along the walk of fame to end up at a 50’s diner having way too potent long island ice teas we stumbled home to our historical hostel where apparently stars like Marilyn Monroe have spent time in. And that was only the first day.

On our second day we took a trip to Universal Studios to try out the new transformers ride, wow… i think this may have to be the only use of 3D that hasn’t disappointed me. The Jurrassic park ride got me soaked but was nonetheless amazing and the tour was kinda cool in itself especially the 360 degree king kong ride. That night we decided to go out for a drink or two, while at a local bar named “The woods” and looking like a hunting lodge we were suddenly introduced to a new friend, she invited us back to her friends place where we drank and ate pizza, we got home at 4am and then had to wake up 4 hrs later to go to gospel brunch and check out… so much for a small night out.

I had to say i felt a little religious for that moment, gospel music does that to me… as well as southern style comfort food buffet for breakfast… but now that its over god is put aside yet again. 
We have now driven our way to Vegas where we are staying in a room at the Hard Rock Hotel with strip views… so swish. I’m sorry this blog isnt well written or edited but i am rushing through it to go out and party… so i will leave you now and blog again when i reach San Fran.


oh and one more thing… first two songs heard on the radio… Savage Garden and gotye… Aussie Pride!!