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Stop Motion Glory

I Love Music Videos,
They seem to be this perfect packaging for new ideas, experimental techniques and neat little stories set to a cool soundtrack. Of course like with everything there are duds, Clips cut uncreatively from performance footage or 4 minutes of sheer self indulgence and wankerism but in the most part they allow filmmakers to do what they love to do and have fun with it, just look at clips from bands like Weezer and OK GO as well as the collections of videos created by Spike Jonze and Michel Gondry.

The Reason for this rant is because Gotye has released his new video for “Easy Way Out” This is a cool video, one worthy of its own post. Directed by Darcy Prendergast who has created videos for Eskimo Joe, Art vs Science and also created Gotye’s “Eyes Wide Open” Video. The Stop Motion in it is incredible and well planned out, and in some ways gives the format a different feel almost to the point where you question if it is stop motion at all. The Set Design is detailed and allows for many watchings.

Bout time for some Feedback so tell me, whats your favorite music video?

Mixtape 5# Songs for a Rainy Couple of Days

So i haven’t posted here in way too long. I guess its been a mix of finishing study, planning a trip and the crappy weather but I just haven’t been able to bring myself to taking photos. Nonetheless i did not forget you all as i know you sat there edge of your seat waiting for another post from yours truly.

With the Weather being Damp as it has (well in Sydney at least)  it has given me a lot of time to just stay at home listening to music and Designing. So this post is a bit of a Mix CD to soundtrack these wet weather days. Songs that have been keeping me going stuck indoors and some new stuff i have found along the way.

1. Let her Go – Passenger

Passenger’s All the Little Lights has probably been my number one album to listen to over the last few weeks, and seeing him live recently at 2SER’s Live at the loft really added to my love of his soft acoustic ballads. It’s kinda strange, his vocals are very similar to that of Xavier Rudds, but unlike with Xavier it does not seem to bug me. Anyway,  I’ll give you a double taste of this one. Also who wouldn’t love that ending!

2. Gonna Get Over You – Sara Bareilles
This is a pretty cool song, Upbeat, Boppy but most of all one hell of a cool music video. Directed by Jonah Hill and looking like a massive Tribute to grease this song has been the pick me up on the more depressing of days.

3. Midnight City – M83
In the more electronic side of things this track has been in the back of my mind for some time. It wasn’t until recently where i heard a strange acoustic cover from Lisa Mitchell that i finally added it to my music collection and its been on some for of repeat since. Theres something about the atmosphere this song creates that really grabs me, that background loop… love it.

4. Damn These Vampires – Mountain Goats
I seem to always add songs in these mix tapes of bands i am about to see live or will see live soon, i don’t know if that’s because i am super excited or that i just want to brag. So here’s one of those and it will be the only one. On Another note this is great to listen to with the sound of rain in the background. Just Saying.

5. Out of the Game – Rufus Wainwright
This song has a cool vibe to it, it kind of sounds like a song from a 70’s musical like Godspell. A sort of sit back and sway with long haired women while some groovy hepcat plays guitar and ponders things. Also the video has Helena Bonham Carter so thats awesome. Peace Out.

6. My Valentine – Paul McCartney
And after seeing Ms Bonham Carter do her thing it would be totally un-burton-esque of me not to inclue Johnny Depp in the Mix. Lucky Sir Paul has made that possible! This is a pretty cool track and the music video is kinda interesting. Especially if you were Deaf. I Imagine this song being the soundtrack to a man contemplating love as he strolls through the rain.


7. All the Rowboats – Regina Spektor
A new song by Regina Spektor. Like Christmas 10 times over for me. Rain? What Rain…

8. Glorious – The Hoosiers
I recently looked at my LastFM, it had been a good 6 months since i had last looked and a further 2 yrs since i gave it any proper attention. I noticed in my messages a friend telling me of a new Hoosiers album, new being 2010. I Downloaded it and fell in love. This reminds me of Queen so very much, epic vocals with an 80’s vibe.

9. Tell Me a Tale – Michael Kiwanuka
Very Cool vintage sounds, like a late night jazz club with whiskey and tobacco pipes. Or Stuck at home on a rainy day Drinking coke in a mug.

10. I Believe – Book of Mormon Cast
I’m about to head to the States in a few months and of course that trip must include a visit to Broadway or seven. So i began a little research into which production i wanted to see. It didn’t take me long to decide on this one. Written by Trey Parker and Matt Stone Aka. the guys who brought us south park. This looks like one awesomely funny bit of theatre and the songs are really damn Catchy.

11. No Way Down – Shins
I’m loving the shins new album, it has such a cool vibe to it and has brought about many plays. This song is a dream of dryer sunnier times. A hope that tomorrow wont be as wet.

Finally i will leave you with this for no other reason than its about rain and i love it!

I feel like Jellybeans now….

A Friend at TAFE showed me this video a while back and i was reminded of it the other day. This is a pretty awesome music video idea and must have been frustrating and time consuming, but wow. This makes me not only want to try out some stop motion stuff but also to eat a crap load of jelly beans. I also put in the making of video so if you’re interested check it out!

Top 11’s of 2011

Top 11’s of 2011

So The year is almost over and like most things in retrospect it has gone by way too quickly, but i guess that’s how it goes most years. This was a year of pushing myself, i started this blog, started taking photos more seriously, i even exhibited for the first time. Hopefully 2012 takes on the same pathways. 2011 has been a good year and so i best sum it up with my Top 11’s of 2011. None of these are in order and all of them are done on a judgement that is purely personal.

Top Albums:

Lonely Avenue – Ben Folds and Nick Hornby
Possibly one of the best collaboration albums i have ever heard, great stories turned into strong melodic pieces of genius. If these two don’t do another of these it will be very sad.

Last Night on Earth – Noah and the Whale
The thing i love about NATW’s albums is that they follow very closely to the Life of Charlie Fink, the lead singer. When he was dating and happy with Laura Marling he released Peaceful the world lay me down an upbeat poppy indie joy. Then when they split came First days of Spring a melancholy beautifully sad album filled with pain but hope. Now in 2011 Charlie seems to have moved on, Last night on earth is Stories of the downtrodden rising up, overcoming the worlds woes. It’s Charlie getting all better.

The Kooks – Junk of the Heart

This album is far from a music masterpiece for me, it doesn’t blow my mind. But that not always what music is about. This is a happy album, it makes me feel good and makes me wanna jump and yell and just put all the shit behind me. This is my feel good album.

Bon Iver – Bon Iver
On the other end of the spectrum, Bon Iver has been my Album of choice for when i’m down, sweet melodies, amazing voice and some incredibly intricate layers of instrumentals makes this possibly the most beautiful album of the year for me.

Mylo Xyloto – Coldplay
The first think i think of when i think of Coldplay’s last two albums have been Production Values. Coldplay do some interesting things and some epic ones and this latest album has been Both. They have managed to take massive popularity and still keep up trying new things and pushing themselves and that’s a great achievement in itself.

The Help OST – Thomas Newman
This easily has to be my favorite soundtrack of the year, i can’t really explain why but i just can’t stop turning to it.

Vows – Kimbra
If you haven’t already listened to Kimbra you are missing out and need to start immediately. If you only know her through her song with Gotye then you need to investigate further. This girl has an amazing voice, so much range and so much character it becomes an instrument like no other. Her songs are catchy and make you wanna dance. Very worth listening to this Kiwi gem.

A Creature i Don’t Know – Laura Marling
There is something about Laura Marling that i can’t put my finger on, something that separates her from the rest. Her Lyrics are amazing, her voice is nothing short of Beautiful… but there is something on top of that, something that i can’t describe and that can only really be felt by listening to her. This is probably my favorite of her albums so far and it will be getting plenty of listens through the next year and more.

The King is Dead – The Decemberists
Pushing onto the border of country this album brings about a wave of harmonica and Rythym. Folksy and grammatically complex lyrics with stories of folklore. This is the Decemberists… its always good.

Ceremonials – Florence and the Machine
For me Florence and the Machine kinda faded out after their first album, i stopped listening and pretty much forgot about them altogether, then suddenly they came back and im back on the bandwagon! Florence Welch is a voice of our generation, when we look back in 20 yrs time we’ll be thinking of florence and playing her to our children. Well at least that what i hope will happen.

Top Movies:

The Help – Very moving, Emma Watson Cleans up!
Winnie the Pooh – Stunning Animation, Zooey singing, who need to be a kid to enjoy this really?
Rise of the Planet of the Apes – Malfoy gets messed up by an Ape.
Bridesmaids – Not like the Hangover, was actually funny.
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt 2 – Epic and sad to see it go…
Xmen First Class – Possibly my Favorite in the Series.
Tangled – Pure Disney so Pure Awesome.
Super 8 – Really Classic storytelling, really well done.
The Trip – Hilarious
Green Hornet – i liked it even though many didnt, loved the way it was written.
Never Let me Go – Beautiful storytelling.

Top TV:

Community – As Always
Sing Off – I have a soft spot for Acapella and Ben Folds.
2 Broke girls – Very sitcom-y but still enjoyable. Must like a certain type of humor though.
QI – I wish i had a voice like Stephen Fry, things would get done!
Misfits – I thought i would hate this show but it’s really grown on me, kinda like Skins meets Heroes.
New girl – This show is really funny, Zooey Deschanel is hot as usual and fits in perfectly into her role.
Friday Dinner – Only just starting to watch this show, looks kinda cool…but undecided yet.
Parks and Rec – Great Season, although possibly starting to plateau….
How i met your mother – Just started watching, well behind. But still, loving it!
Big Bang theory – Great Cast although really playing hard of stereotypes.
Idiot Abroad 2 – Karl Pilkington is God.

So This finally Brings me to My top Photos of 2011, These are probably not my best photos, but they are the ones that i love best throughout the year, either because they link to something i hold close or any other sappy reasons i bring sentimentality to them…
Thanks to all who have kept up with this Collection of mine, sat through the songs i have forced upon your ears and the small ramblings i have made. Next year will bring bigger and better things for this blog so keep an eye out.

Happy New Year!!


Mix Tape 4# and Hornsby Industrial Adventure!

So i have a bit of a mixed bag for you this round, i recently took a trip to the Industrial area of Hornsby, Sydney, my hood…. kinda. This place is great, where else can you go to get berries in bulk and then magically find a place that sells chocolate….in Bulk!

Anyways i took a few snaps of the local flora fauna and…rocks… but i don’t really feel they make up a solid post. So i’ve also given you a mix tape to go with. This one has no real theme, its just…songs i like at the moment. Enjoy.

Philadelphia – Peter Gabriel (Neil Young Cover)

I’m really listening to a lot more Peter Gabriel lately, there was a long period where he did not really have much of a presence in my Itunes but then i stumbled upon a recorded concert with strings he did on the letterman set (if you have time watch it here) and i knew i needed to listen again. This man knows how to do a cover, from possibly one of my favorite covers of “Book of Love” (Magnetic Fields) to this one, a cover of Philadelphia… a beautiful song in its own right made even more so.

Winter – 41 Strings

I recently found out about this through the upcoming Sydney Festival. Nick Zinner the guitarist for the yeah yeah yeah’s created a concerto loosely based around Vivaldi’s “The Four Seasons” for Earth day. I really like the sound he produced, sweeping strings and solid guitar riffs creating a nice range of emotion and story. I cant wait to see this performed live, it will be spectacular!

Plastic Bag – Washington

From her latest release “insomnia” which is described on her website as “Insomnia is not a new Washington studio album. Variously described as a ‘magpie’s nest’ and ‘an eight-legged spider’ the project is an extension of the themes explored through the closing title track on her debut album. All of the material from Insomnia was written in the 12 manic months following the release of I Believe You Liar in Australia”
This peice features a very similar tune to Laura Marlings “Rambling man”. Nonetheless, it is a great song and well if you’re going to take someone else’s tune you may as well steal from some of the best.
This is another artist to see at Syd Festival, if there are any tickets left.

Beth/Rest – Bon Iver

Its assignment time for me, time to get everything done before holidays start and so i’ve been in need of some music to get me in the designing mood. Luckily i found that in Bon Iver’s new album of the same name, this is some pure atmospherically awesome music and it perfect for study, work, walking, sleeping, eating… well anything. His album has probably got to be the most played on my tunes at the moment, and i don’t think it will be shifting anytime soon.

Been So Long – Zooey Deschanel

I recently got to watch the new “Winnie the Pooh” film and loved it, i am a sucker for hand drawn animations and Disney have excelled with this one. The story is adorable and hilarious and to top it off they got Zooey Deschanel to write a song for the soundtrack. If that’s not a cherry on top of the awesome cake i don’t know what is.

Mallory – The History of Apple Pie

Don’t really have much to say on this one, im kinda into this track and the video is really kinda cool.Plus im kinda digging the bass player chick.

Anyway – Cee Lo Green

I was kinda iffy to post this track as at the moment it hasn’t really hit me as being an especially good song…. it has some cool collaboration going with Rivers Cuomo of Weezer but i don’t like the dancey and somewhat generic beat. Either way i feel its a song that will need to grow on me… hopefully you guys find it cool.

Hopefully ill be blogging again soon, just need to finish my other projects. Till Then… Adieu!

My Take on the 30 Day Song Challenge Part 2

OK… back again for another look into my musical soul, some of these are becoming way too complicated and making me over think things… i don’t like to over think…

11. A Song from your Favorite Band:
Its Hard to pick a Favorite band because to me music has different times and places for me and no one artist or band can cover all that. So this would have to be my Favorite band at the moment, right now. Mostly because i am loving their new album with its awesome pop tunes, heres the single from it that kinda reminds me of “Lola”…

L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N – Noah and the Whale

12. A Song from a Band you Hate:
I really cant stand the Black Eye’d Peas… i didn’t mind that “Where is the Love” track and even “I got a feeling” if i’m drunk enough to care… but other than that it has been in my opinion a massive trail of shite from these so called “Artists”… i think its just that i can’t stand their lyrics… ranging from “My Humps My Humps My lovely lady lumps, Check em out” to “Your so two thousand and eight im so two thousand and late”…. its utter garbage, its a representation of what people are becoming (i also blame ke$ha) and its not music… and i loathe it! So heres a song from these horrible horrible scabs on the ass of society… phew… love a good rant.

Boom Boom Pow – Black Eyed Peas

13. A Song that is a Guilty Pleasure:
I have to admit, i’m a fan of Broadway Musicals… possibly one of the very few straight men out there who are. I just like how epic they are, amazing voices over massive orchestral backing, emotions running at Full blast. The Biggest of these guilty pleasures for me has been the soundtrack to “Wicked”, it is currently sitting at most played on my iTunes playlist and although at first i felt bad at myself for it i’m now happy to accept it… enjoy.

Idina Menzel – Defying Gravity (Wicked)

14. A Song that no-one would expect you to love
I dont think im going to try and justify too much about why this made the list… i like the fact that its remarkably wholesome compared to a lot of stuff out there (the music video doesn’t really help my case on this one though… haha ), i just like that this song is about sex but not about just meaningless sex… its about loving someone then going for the funtimes…. i guess i’m just a wholesome guy like that…. also this song is catchy and Katy is Hot!!

Katy Perry – Teenage Dream

15. A Song that Describes You
Not much explaining to do the song speaks for itself…

Green Day – Nice Guys Finish Last

16. A Song you Used to Love but now Hate
Hate is such a strong word, i think this is more a Song that i used to like and now wonder why… also the lyrics are very suss… (see here for more of an explanation on that)

Sugar Ray – Every Morning

17. A Song You Hear Often on the Radio:
I was really shocked to hear this song on Nova 969 the other day on their top 500 songs on iTunes countdown…. i LOVE this song, but i wouldn’t have picked it to be an iTunes favorite too, OK i don’t hear this song OFTEN on the Radio… but i was surprised to hear it once… feel free to sing along!

Daryl Braithwaite – Horses

18. A Song You Wish You Heard on the Radio
This Song was close to getting into my “Song you can Dance to” choice, but it also fits in here too… i saw these guys when they first came out to Aus and they got me dancing in the Mosh, such amazing energy and something i wish i heard more on the airwaves…

The Matches – If I Were You
I Couldnt find a video for this one, but if you want to download it here it is…

19. A Song From Your Favorite Album:
Ok so instead of giving you another song from Noah and the Whale i’m gonna give you something from another Album i love which is Washington’s “I believe you Liar”, this girl cannot do wrong by me at the moment and her music videos just add icing to the cake.

Washington – Sunday Best

20. A Song that you Listen to When you’re Angry
This was too easy as i have my anger music well set and it seems to always come from RATM… This music is Angry without being unbearable to listen to, its not just screaming, its layer and beats and riffs and works better than any stress ball for me. If you see me listening to Rage it’s usually best to stay away…

Rage Against the Machine – Bombtrack

So thats Part 2, hope you’re enjoying my personal mix tape of life, thanks to all making comments, keep them coming, i cant wait to hear what your lists would be… Stay Tuned for part three… coming soon.

Vintage Times at Garden Music

I recently attended a Garden Music Festival held at Governors House in the Botanical Gardens, Sydney. It was amazing, like being transported back in time, badminton, croquet, a guy on a gramophone and a whole lot of really cool bands. It also gave me the chance to have a go at some band photography, something i am usually too scared to do… so heres the results, carefully (hahaha yeah right) played around with to give it a special vintage vibe… all kinds of vintage that is.