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VIVID 2013

Hey guys,

So yeah it has been a while since my last post but I’m back! 
Anyways it’s late and don’t really have much to say so I am going to let the shots do the talking for me. If you are around Sydney city I thoroughly recommend checking out vivid, I think I might have to go back for a second viewing!

Enjoy and I’ll be back with another post soon!

Computers and Glass

Ok one more post for tonight…
I’ve been looking through a lot of photography websites looking for new techniques and tricks, along the way i stumbled upon this article.
The Idea is simple, piece of glassware in front of a computer monitor displaying an image, whether it be a pattern, a photo…anything, from there you just take a photo and let the magic happen. This was really easy to set up and take and the results are really cool, this is really limitless to your imagination, you can put anything you want in front of the screen, create anything you want for the background… well worth a try sometime.