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USA Trip Pt 2 – Vegas Baby!

So right now i am sitting in a very old room in a very old hostel in a rather scary area of San Francisco… I’m sure it is fine during the day but the late night walk to the local Thai place had us fighting off the homeless population in hoards, and these guys were determined.

Anyways this is not about that, i wont make any judgement calls on San Fran until i at least have scoped it out in the daylight hours. This is about Vegas…

So First up, the hard rock hotel…well.. Rocked! The room looked like something out of the hangover which was funnily enough the main reason we had the room, for recovery and whatnot. I cant really say that Vegas is my scene, its very much aimed at douche bags from jersey shore.
The clubs play horrible tunes, you are constantly told to go to strip clubs and really unless you look like a model you are really no use to anyone. However, this being said, if you have the right people with you it can be a really cool place.

The first night we got there we left our room and went for a walk round the strip,we were very much unimpressed with the tackyness and overall wankery that it had to offer and so we went back to the hotel bar, there was a 2 for one drink special and so the drinking commenced. It wasn’t long till the group of people beside us decided to come over, buy us another round and just chat. these were some cool guys and one even has a radio show in nyc and ill try to catch up with him when i get there. Suddenly we noticed something, sitting not 2 meters away from us was Dave Chappelle! From what seemed like a crap night turned good!

The second morning we woke up late, we didn’t get to bed till 4 or so and so were trashed. Either way not much happens during the daylight hours in vegas and so we watched a film and then sat by the pool. Lawrence had some friends in the area so we went to dinner at the bellagio for buffet and then met them after to wander round, first checking out the bellagio fountain show… incredible.
From there we found a nightclub based around rock of ages where a hairmetallicly dressed man told us to get our drink on and we danced to hammer, we then found a party at the monte carlo and carried on till late.

I guess vegas works when you have a crowd. Especially some fine womentypes.

Ok im buggered, just did an 11 drive. Will out!