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Kangaroo Valley Writers Retreat

Ok so im not going to even explain my absence any more… 😀

So last weekend and few creative friends and i rented a place in the breathtaking Kangaroo Valley NSW, the idea was to just get away from all the distractions and work on what we love doing, for some of us it was writing our novels for Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month) and for others it was a more musical pursuit. I took a little from column A and B.

On the last morning i got up early (as usual) and the whole valley was thick with Fog, the Cows that surrounded the property looked more in place within the fog than they did otherwise. So i took lots of Photos on the trusty point and shoot.


In other news i just watched the new clip from Missy Higgins that won the ARIA award for Best Music Video, it’s really kinda cool and nicely shot and edited. Here it is: